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Healthy & Hygge® is Making Some Changes!!!

Not to worry, we will still be bringing you Comfy. Cozy. Wellness….Just in a new format that will be more easily accessible for you to enjoy the benefits of living Healthy and Hygge®! Be on the lookout for the new feel launching in Autumn 2021.

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What is Hygge?

The country of Denmark has consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. The country has embraced the concept of Hygge, pronounced “hoog-a”. Hygge is a feeling gained by bringing positive experiences into your life. It is often accompanied by baked goods, simplicity, comfy clothes, and candle light.

Ben’s dream is to play soccer. But when he goes for his check-up, the doctor gives him news that may change everything. Get ready to learn how Ben and his family make changes to make his dream come true. This is a wonderful story about how a family makes changes to prevent prediabetes from becoming type 2 diabetes. It includes an easy to follow lesson plan with activity for elementary school teachers as well as easy to follow recipes kids can help make to create healthy lifelong choices!

Healthy and Hygge® Comfy. Cozy. Wellness. Offers.

Connect your heart with your passion. Achieve greater success, happiness and wellbeing by bringing hygge into your life. Grab the tools below to take control of your life.


Take your learning to a new level! With this on-demand Stop Type 2 Diabetes course.

Purrrfect Shirts

Sit back and relax in the purrrfect shirt! Available in a variety of colors and styles.

Kids Book

More youth are being diagnosed with prediabetes. Help the kids in your life create a healthy lifestyle.

On Demand Learning

A range of courses when you need and want them! They are available 24-7-365!

Engaging Speaker

Looking for an amazing, inspiring, uplifting speaker… then LUCKY YOU for finding Sara Lasker!

Meet Sara Lasker

I have worn many many titles in my life: Daughter, Counselor, Teacher, Wife, Medical Assistant, Track Coach, Master Certified Health Education Specialist, and Diabetes Care and Educational Specialist but these do not define me. As a title should not define you! I am a traveler, a wine sipper, and cat lover. I bring an amazing positive energy things I do.

During Covid-19 Sara went on a daily Coffee Walk to hopefully bring some happy, peppy, inspiration to people during a challenging time.

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