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Hygge is like a hug without touching!

Do you know what the #1 thing most associated with Hygge is?! HOT DRINKS! So now is the time to have some fun with the mug YOUR beverage is in (or send a mug to a friend/loved one/co-worker—you name it). Click this link to be taken to the Healthy and Hygge Store or click the GET HYGGE button above or browse below then click the photo of the mug that get’s your hygge vibe going and reward yourself! Just remember….Hygge is “like a hug without touching”, so put on your comfy clothes, grab a warm beverage (in a new mug), sit back, relax and bring Hygge into your life.

Do you remember the Stevie Wonder song from the 1980’s, I Just Called To Say I Love You? If you are a cat mom or cat dad, this is the cup you need! When you have those 6am meow’s at the door this is the time you need a sweet cup of java and your furry, four legged children need their canned cat food.

Dad’s can say some crazy things! With Father’s Day just around the corner now is the time to send your dad a hug….Send him a mug! Click the mug below to connect with the one that most says I Love You Dad!

Are you ready for Summer Travel?!

You can be with this travel mug!

Sometimes something a bit stronger than coffee is needed…

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