On Demand Learning

Healthy and Hygge® offers a range of courses when you need and want them! They are available 24-7-365. So take your learning to a new level! The prediabetes course if perfect if you just left the doctor’s office and want t0 start making changes today! Breathe. Relax. Refresh. Has the perfect combination of stress reducing activities and the self-care you need to stay positive throughout the day. Don’t delay and take time for you today!

Pre Diabetes

You just left your doctor’s office, they told you have prediabetes and you are freaking out! You have been Googling “Pre-Diabetes” and want answers now! Then this on-demand course is for you!!! Walk away with tools you can start using today to Stop Type 2 Diabetes!

Breathe. Relax. Refresh.

Get ready to destress and relax! We will work to re-center your life so you can be in a clear position to move forward and you will gain simple tools you can apply today to destress.

Diabetes Product Reviews

Sara has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 35 years. She reviews adhesive products to help keep your devices on and help you live your best life with diabetes.

Comfy. Cozy. Hygge.

Learn more about Hygge and gain over 25 simple tips you can do to bring balance to your life by embracing it! Put on your comfy clothes, grab a warm beverage, sit back and relax!

Sara does need to purchase her own diabetes supplies and takes her personal time to create the videos. Please contribute what you can to help so she can continue to make free diabetes videos! Thanks for your contribution!

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